What Was That?

Like millions of other Americans, I watched the Super Bowl yesterday.  It was a pretty good game, but the entertainment sucked.  And it was the lousy entertainment that took the drama of a good game.

Christina Aguilera kinda sung the National Anthem.  I’ll be honest:  I did not realize at the time she muffed some of the words.  I was more concerned with her body language.  Not in the “gawking the hottie” way I usually watch her sing, but more like the agony one feels when watching somebody with a physical condition performing a physical task.

Then there was the halftime show.  What a debacle that was.  Who was scratching the blackboard during that performance?  The Black-Eyed Peas” lived up to the “Black-Eye” portion of their name.  I was looking for something good to say about their performance, but the best I could come up with was that it ended.

Not all of the singing during the Super Bowl was bad.  Below is an ad that played during the game.  This singing is pretty good.

I yearn for the days when the only malfunction comes from a hottie’s wardrobe.


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2 responses to “What Was That?

  • Mel

    I watched the game in Europe. It was on from 12am to 4am. I wasn’t tired until about 30 min after the game.

    Very enjoyable and memorable. Packers have been my team since early 90’s.

    The thing about watching it in Europe is that there are no Super Bowl commercials. 🙂

  • Ahmnodt Heare

    I had Aaron Rodgers on my fantasy team. My team was the opposite of the Packers in my team won the division, but got knocked out in the playoffs to the lowest seed. (Ironic that the lowest seed won my fantasy league playoffs also).

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