2011 NFL Season – Conference Championship Games

Last Week: 2-2 (.500)  Playoffs: 5=3 (.625)

If I was just picking winners and not going against the point spread, I would have been 4-0.  But the rules can’t be changed in the middle of the game.  There are only three games left to pick (two this week and Super Bowl XLVI).  I never mentioned it, but I ended up with a 19-16 record picking college bowl games.  (Not bad since I only watched a few LSU games and a few University of Pittsburgh games – and I got both of their games wrong.)

Date & Time Favorite Spread Underdog
1/22 3:00 ET At New England (14-3)  -7 Baltimore (13-4)
1/22 6:30 ET At San Francisco (14-3)  -2.5 NY Giants (11-7)

I want so much to pick the Ravens (even though I don’t like them). I am tempted to pick them because of their defense. But I have a feeling that the Patriots will score early and often and that Tom Brady is on a mission from Tim Tebow God.  Take the Patriots and give the points.

The Giants are one of those teams.  They seem to play their best football when they are not the best team on the field on paper.  Anf frankly, it sickens this Redskins fan.  Rather than picking the 49ers as a heart pick, I will pick the Giants and take the points.  I hope I am wrong.


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