Top Ten Towns I Have Been To (Number 9 – Monroe, NY)

#9 – Monroe, NY

I first visited this town in 2010 when I had to pick up my campaign manager after his car died.  There was a couple of ponds that are in the middle of town.  There are plenty of Canadian geese in the park as well as plenty of Canadian geese droppings.  (I bet they were trained to do that by the Canadian government.)  Most winters, the ponds freeze deep enough for hockey to be played.  This winter has been too warm for hockey, so a quick game of water polo will suffice.  (Quick, because the water is still very cold.)

Monroe is chock full of useless trivia.  The town’s name was once known as “Cheesecock”  The town was renamed for former President James Monroe before he became President.  Velveeta Cheese was first made here.  These are all useless trivia bits because none of these tidbits are mentioned on any version of “Trivial Pursuit.”

Monroe is also home to Museum Village.  It is a walk through colonial times with people wearing the clothes of the 18th century.  They have also have various smiths making tools of those days.  For those who are not impressed with going back in time, you’ll be pleased to known that they have 21st century concessions that are charged at 21st century prices.

The town of Monroe is a lot like Museum Village.  It has much of the old small town charm and atmosphere combined with modernized traffic jams and taxes.


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