Top Ten Towns I Have Been To (Number 8 – Barnsley, KY)

Like I mentioned before, not all of my top ten towns have things to do.  Barnsley is one of those towns.  There’s nothing to do in Barnsley and it’s a great getaway place because most internet maps and GPS devices do not recognize Barnsley as a town.  It’s the ideal getaway spot when you don’t want anybody to find you.  I haven’t gone lately because I have been too busy running for President I haven’t had the time to avoid people.

There really isn’t anything to do in Barnsley.  The only business is an auto mechanic.  There’s no McDonald’s, Burger King, or Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse.  There is some woods for hiking and a swimming hole, but that is about it.  I usually go Barnsley when I have to escape and I want to be left alone.

Barnsley is like Brazil in that I found it accidentally.  I can’t elaborate any further but I can say that I found it from a song.

I went to Barnsley to escape when:

  • My fiancee and I broke up.
  • 1997 and dealing with Vanna White’s 40th birthday.
  • Following the 1998 Stanley Cup Finals when the Capitals were swept in four games by the Detroit Red Wings.
  • When I was fired from my job as a movie theater manager.

I find that the peaceful place helpful.  There’s no pressure of finding something to do and hoping whatever I’m doing will entertain me.  It’s just relaxation and beer. It’s the place to go to clear my mind because there’s nothing there to distract me.  It does the trick every time.


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