Top Ten Towns I Have Been To – (Number 4 – Blasdell, NY)

Blasdell is a small town centrally located between Buffalo and Orchard Park (Home of the Buffalo Bills).  It has a Midwestern feel to it though there are subtle reminders that it is indeed in New York State.  I am not just talking about the prohibitive taxes New Yorkers feel. There is a New York aura in Blasdell that cannot be denied.  (By New York, I mean the state, not the city.)

It would be higher on the list, but it does have a few glaring faults.  The first is that it’s in the snow belt.  Getting 4-5 feet snow in a shot is not all that uncommon in these parts.  I like snow, but not that much.  Skiing is too far away as this part of New York is relatively flat.  The other flaw is that it is dangerously close to Canada.  It’s only ten miles from the border and people have to be aware of spies settling in the United States.

Once you get over those hurdles, you will appreciate all that Blasdell has to offer.  There are restaurants, plenty of shopping, and that small-town Americana fell I keep writing about.   The people are friendly (except if you parade around town wearing a Miami Dolphins jersey.)

I could see myself living in Blasdell someday.  Or at least going back to stay for a few days.


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