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Top Ten Towns I Have Been To – (Number 5 – Kernersville, NC)

Centrally located in the heart of North Carolina’s Triad, Kernersville has retained much of small-town Americana while being a short drive to three thriving cities.  It is also less than two hours from Charlotte and the Raleigh-Durham area.

If you like supermarkets, you’ll love Kernersville.  Although it is a relatively small town, it has quite a few supermarkets.  Aldi and Harris Teeter both have supermarkets in Kernersville.  If you don’t like either of those stores, then you can go to one of the three Food Lion supermarkets that Kernersville has to offer.  Let’s not forget the Super Wal-Mart which sells food and general merchandise.

There is more to Kernersville than in the other towns I have listed.  I lived in Kernersville twice.  I moved there the first time in 1998.  I was not happy with the direction the country was going so I decided to run for Senate.  The incumbent was someone named Lauch Faircloth.  His Democratic Party challenger was John Edwards.  If it was a contest about hair, I would have won.  (My hair rocked until 2005.)  The problem was that I was only 25 years old at the time and couldn’t legally run for Senate.  I didn’t want to run for the House because Richard Burr was the congressman and I like Bob Barr.  (I often got the two of them confused.)  By the time I figured out who was who, it was too late to run.

Kernersville has a few parks and a botanical garden.  Though I haven’t been there since 2008 (I will be there next month to visit), I have heard that the parks have gone through renovations and are lovelier than ever.

If you go to Kernersville (known to locals as “K-Vegas”), then make sure to check out what I call “Restaurant Row”.  There are many restaurants on NC Route 66 between Mani Street and I-40.  There are a wide variety in Southern and contemporary cuisine in which to choose from.  Plan on gaining weight and having fun doing it!


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