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Top Ten Towns I Have Been To (Number 1 – New York, NY)

A town so nice they named it twice.  New York has a lot to offer (though sometimes that is forgotten because it’s so expensive to live there.)  New York has museums, restaurants, beaches, restaurants, a massive public transportation system, restaurants, and a multitude of sports teams in the major sports.  (Not to mention restaurants).

New York is a melting pot of culture.  If you are from another country besides the United States, you will find a neighborhood where people come from your country.  It seems that every nationality has their own festive parade.  In many cases, the parade in New York City is larger than any parade in the motherland.

New York seems to have a parade or a food fair every weekend.  In addition to the parades celebrating various nationalities, there are also parades for heroes and winning New York sports teams (The New York Giants were honored with a parade a few weeks ago.)  and they throw the best Halloween parade on Halloween night.  (Not the Saturday or Sunday afternoon before or after Halloween).

Even if you hate museums, beaches, restaurants, sports, diversity, or parades, New York City still has a lot to offer.  There’s Broadway (with the latest and hottest plays and musicals) and “off-Broadway” with even more musicals and plays (but without the hefty Broadway ticket prices).

My advice for smokers is this:  If you don’t want to have a heart attack, then buy cigarettes, pipe tobacco, cigars, marijuana, etc. before arriving in New York City.  The taxes on tobacco are higher here than anywhere else in the United States.  While there is no tax on marijuana as of yet, it is still somewhat illegal.  The price for a pack of cigarettes start at $11.00 and go up from there.

New York wins.  It is the best place to go because there are more free things to do in New York City than things to do (free or otherwise) in any other city.



I cheated a bit – It should be “New Jersey”, but New Yorkers call it, “Jersey.”  Besides, “New” Jersey” is over 200 years old.  That is now new by any stretch of the imagination.

I moved to New Jersey from North Carolina in 2008.  The economy soured in North Carolina before it tanked in the rest of the country.  The reason why I moved to New Jersey because it was close to New York City, but far enough away that I could afford to live here.  Some of my clients are in New York City.  I like the hustle and bustle of the City and the artificial feeling of feeling important in a big city.  It’s much like the feeling a politician gets upon working in Washington, DC.  (my hometown from birth until 2004 or 2006. )

New Jersey is separated into two parts:  The northern half is a suburb of New York City and the southern half is a suburb of Philadelphia.  I am in extreme northern New Jersey, in a town bordering New York State and west enough to be in a county that borders Pennsylvania.

A good portion of New Jersey is heavily urbanized.  The area I live in is quite rural.  Deer and black bears run rampant in the woods and rummage in the garbage.  Farms drizzle the landscape around  here.  There is no public transportation in these parts (not even a Greyhound bus that seems to drive through every small town in America when I am going cross-country.)

Business is good for me here, not great, but not bad either.  If you hate pumping your gas, New Jersey is the state for you.  It is illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey.  There’s also “Jersey Shore”, which has some of the best beaches in all of New Jersey.

New Jersey is home now.  And it will be home as long as Snooki and J-Woww chill in this fine state.

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