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Top Ten Towns I Have Been To (Number 10 – Brazil, IN)

I should warn you that this is not other “Top Ten” travel postings you might see because not all of my entries are going to have things to do in a particular town or city.  Rather, it has to do with the people, ambiance, climate, radio stations, and other things I look for when I travel.  This entry will be one of those.

#10 – Brazil, IN

Brazil is a small town near Terre Haute, IN.  It is near I-70 and US 40 runs through the center of town.  My first experience was when I was a senior in college and was going from Cincinnati to Cleveland for Spring Break.  We got a bit lost and I figured that as soon as we went through Indianapolis.  We stopped at a truck stop in Brazil and asked for directions.

It turned out that we were nowhere near Cleveland, but the truck stop had biscuits and gravy!  I was going to have just biscuits and gravy, but I saw a guy at the counter have his with eggs and bacon.  He put the eggs and bacon on top of one biscuit and put the other biscuit on top of the eggs.  I tried it and LOVED it!  Ladies, if you aren’t in the mood for sex, make me one of these and i’ll leave you alone for the night.  I’ll be so satisfied that I won’t need nookie until the following morning.

The second time I was in Brazil was heading back home from Terre Haute on a business trip.  I drove through Brazil and found out that Brazil had an aquarium.  The thought of an aquarium in Indiana blew my mind.  According to the directions on the internet, the aquarium was on E.National and North Forest.  It turns out that the aquarium I was looking for was in Brazil the country and not Brazil the town in Indiana.  There was a CVS across the street from where the aquarium was supposed to be and those people were nice.


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