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Ask Ahmnodt

I couldn’t think of anything to write about today.  So this is a good day to waste space and ask you what you want to know about me.  You can ask me just about anything.  I will answer as honestly as a fictional character can.  Ask away!


I am finding the “A-Z of Life” to be a more difficult challenge than the 30-Day Music Challenge.  Sometimes I find myself reaching for things to write about (like today.)  I wanted to write about “Heroes”, but I don’t have any.  I have a ton of role models, but none of them are heroic.  If Metropolis needed them to save their city, Lex Luthor would be ruling by now.

I couldn’t write about Herpes because I don’t have it yet.  Writing about Holidays is out of the question because my holidays are mostly spent with my parents and I am trying to write interesting stories.  I have no choice but to plead the Fifth about my trip to Hawaii.

This is where I need your help.  (I apologize for sounding like Dora the Explorer.  She always needs your help.)  I have no clue what to write about for most of the rest of the letters.  (M will be for Mom and R will be for Robert [my father.] V will of course be for Vanna.)  I am stumped about the rest of the letters.

I don’t want to spend hours picking a word when I could be doing something constructive like drinking.  I want the word to spark my imagination and inspire me to write something interesting.  Once I start writing I usually keep flowing until I am finished writing.

If you have a word starting with a letter I haven’t written about yet, please tell me in the comment section and I will write about it when it is that letter’s turn to have an entry.

[This is part of the A-Z of Life series. Check out the other posts!]


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